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Hindleap Warren June 2012 - Day 5

 We greeted our final day with groans of 'do we really have to get up yet' and, after breakfast, 'I can't get my bag shut!'. It took some of us a very long time to pack, which meant we were quite late starting our first activity of the day - The Witches Tree. We ventured into the forest and found a very old tree (somewhere between 300 and 400 years old). We explored the tree using all our senses, before sitting underneath it to hear the legend which gave it it's name. After a quick drink break, it was time for our final activity - the team challenge! Every school which was leaving after lunch had a map which had numbers marked on it - and at every number there was a different challenge. The aim was to complete as many challenges as we could in a given time, and earn as many points as possible! We were all very tired, so working together as a team was much more of a challenge than it had been earlier in the week! Once time was up, we returned to the football pitch where we found out which teams had one in each school, and everyone was presented with a certificate for completing the week at Hindleap (including Attendance Ted!). After lunch it was time to check  the welly rack and the drying room, where we found lots of things we had forgotten to pack, before loading all our luggage onto the minibus. We had just finished doing this when Mr Christie arrived with the other minibus, so, after a quick group photo, it was time to return to school. We were tired, and had lots of muddy and wet clothes, but we had a fantastic time, and some of us really didn't want to come home!!
Picture 1 Witches Tree 5
Picture 2 Group Photo
Picture 3 Team Challenge
Picture 4 Team Challenge
Picture 5 Team Challenge
Picture 6 Team Challenge
Picture 7 Team Challenge
Picture 8 Team Challenge
Picture 9 Witches Tree 1
Picture 10 Witches Tree 2
Picture 11 Witches Tree 3
Picture 12 Witches Tree 4