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Hindleap Warren June 2012 - Day 3

Today began with half of us being the 'duty team' for breakfast - this meant that we got to go in first for breakfast, but had to stay afterwards and help with clearing and cleaning the dining room. The first group proved to be very domesticated and were given an A* by Olly, the Duty Instructor. Then we had to get kitted up ready for our Forest Adventure! We began by practising our deer stalking skills, and then prepared to enter the forest, avoiding the 'Dropbears' by holding up our 'DPS - Dropbear protection sticks' - this was our Level 1 challenge. We did so well at this, we progressed straight to Level 3, which was Hindleap Hide and Seek. After a drinks break, we prepared ourselves for level 4 - the Muddy Gorge. This involved walking and clambering down a muddy stream, which, at times, came over the top of the wellies of the tallest people in our group! Then we met the final challenge - level 5 - the Olympic Triple Jump. We were given a pass or fail, depending on the effort of our jumping and the splash we made on landing - most of us didn't have to complete the whole triple jump to achieve this!! As a final activity, we had to empty our wellies of all the water, which we did by lying on the floor and wiggling our legs in the air - you can guess where the water went!
After a quick shower for everyone, and a hot lunch, we were ready to go again, and spent the first part of the afternoon learning how to read maps. We were helped in this by Luca the cat, who followed us into the forest to check on our directional skills! Once we had convinced our instructor that we could read maps, and we could work in teams, we progressed to orienteering. This consisted of us being sent off in groups to find numbered markers around an area of the forest, and return with the correct letters - we proved to be quite good at this! We ended this slightly early, so that the children going to District Sports could get changed and leave with Mr Foulds and Mrs Taylor. The rest of us were the duty group for dinner, and were told that we had very good team working skills! After a very long day, we then spent the evening playing games and relaxing, while waiting for the others to get back, so that we could all have hot chocolate together and some birthday cake to celebrate Millie's 10th Birthday (which she says she enjoyed very much!).
Picture 1 Forest Adventure Level 5 - The triple jump
Picture 2 Drink break in the forest
Picture 3 Breakfast clearing duties
Picture 4 Breakfast clearing duties
Picture 5 Dinner Clearing Duties
Picture 6 Dinner Clearing Duties
Picture 7 Emptying our wellies!
Picture 8 Emptying our wellies! 2
Picture 9 Forest adventure Level 4 - The muddy gorge
Picture 10 The triple jump
Picture 11 Getting ready for Forest Adventure level 4
Picture 12 Luca the cat -who helped us with our orienteering
Picture 13 Map Reading Skills
Picture 14 Orienteering
Picture 15 Setting off on our Forest Adventure
Picture 16 The muddy gorge 2
Picture 17 The triple jump
Picture 18 The triple jump