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Hindleap Warren June 2012 - Day 2

We have got to the end of our first full day here, and it has been action packed. We began with breakfast, always a good place to start, then split into our two activity groups for the morning. One group whizzed and squealed their way down the zip wire, and then got wet and muddy crawling through obstacles, puddles and tunnels. The other group completed some team challenges, and then tried to out-scream the first group with their turn on the zip wire. Lunch provided a short break, before it was back out to the activities. One group had their first experience of canoeing - no paddles, but using their hands to propel the canoes around the swimming pool to play a variety of games; followed by their team challenges. The other group spent the whole afternoon on various high adventure activities - where they challenged themselves to get further or higher each time they tried something. After dinner it was our first visit to the tuck shop, and an evening of relaxation with games of cards, football and den building, before hot chocolate and bed - to get ready for another exciting day of activities tomorrow.
Picture 1 Waiting for the Zip wire
Picture 2 Team Challenge
Picture 3 Team Challenge
Picture 4 Attendance Ted came too!
Picture 5 He tried the high adventure course
Picture 6 He loved it!
Picture 7 The Log Walk
Picture 8 The Trapeze
Picture 9 Getting clipped in
Picture 10 It's not just the children having fun!
Picture 11 Obstacle Course
Picture 12 Obstacle Course
Picture 13 Obstacle Course
Picture 14 Off we go!
Picture 15 Off we go again!
Picture 16 Pool Canoeing
Picture 17 Tunnels