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Fabulous Phonics

There are 26 letters of the alphabet but they make 44 sounds.


Here in Maple we teach children to read and write using a synthetic phonics approach; first understanding the sounds represented by written letters, and then how to blend these sounds together to form words. We follow the Government's 'Letters and Sounds' programme, using a mix of 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Cued Articulation' techniques. The children love learning through multi-sensory activities, and begin to memorise sounds quicker when they have hand cues to 'attach' them to. 


As the saying goes, 'time flies when you're having fun'. We always have a great time in Phonics sessions, and before we know it, the children are reading and writing independently - magic! If you fancy investigating the letters, sounds and hand cues yourself, have a look at the documents and websites below, and check back regularly to see our phonics groups at work.

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Useful documents:
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