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Welcome to Elm Class!

Welcome to the Elm Class page! Elm class is made up of the 30 year 5 and 6 children at Sundridge and Brasted. We're the eldest in the school, which means that we set a good example for the younger children. In addition, we like to practice our seven school values of: Wisdom, Forgiveness, Respect, Friendship, Trust, Courage and Perseverance. These seven values are what everyone in the school tries to be like, but we understand that we aren't perfect and that we all need some help and second chances sometimes. To be in Elm is an honour and a privilege; our classroom is a unique environment of learning and fun, where we all work to the best of our ability.  Each year we are really lucky to go on a residential trip! For these, we alternate between France and an activity centre in the U.K. We have a great teacher, Mrs. Taylor - Hicks, who helps us in class, and Mrs. Scott help out too. In our class we are kind, caring and respectful and we always work together as a team. When we do this, we can earn team points, which means that Mrs. Taylor - Hicks puts marbles in a jar, and when the jar is full up we get a class treat. Because Year 6 are at the very top of the school, they all have special responsibilities, such as: Head boy, Head girl, Prefects, House Captains, and Collective Worship Captains, and are buddies to the children in Maple Class.


It's great fun being in Elm Class - it is awesome and unique and we are all happy to be here!


By Elm Class

This term's topic

This term's topic is 'World War 2' and we have been learning about evacuation. We introduced this by looking at a suitcase and guessing who it belonged to. We also thought to ourselves about what we would have felt like if we were evacuee children. For some children it was a bad experience, but some were laughing and excited. Children would also have had to bring gas masks with them to make sure if anyone bombed them with gas, they could put the mask on. This topic has been interesting so far, but also very sad.


by Hannah


This term we are learning about Wold War 2, a very important time in history where hundreds risked their lives to protect others.

We have just started the term, but at the moment we have learnt about the evacuees and why the evacuation happenend, also how it happened. We also learnt about the equipment they used, like gas masks.

I am really looking forward to this topic and I hope I learn a lot more about it.


by Alfonso

The last two weeks

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