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Day 2

This morning we made our way down to the forest. Our instructor, Oli, told us all about the elusive drop bear; an animal native to Australia, that now lives within Ashdown forest….unfortunately we didn’t see any (our DPS must have worked well) but Mr. Gaind had a close call!

After a game of ‘hindleap and seek,’ we worked together to travel down the stream; over and under branches and through incredibly sticky mud, before taking part in our very own mud Olympics! We had a great time and were very glad of a hot shower to clean off.

We had a lovely lunch of soup and baguettes, with various fillings, and group 6 did a fantastic job on their lunch duty.

In the afternoon, we split into our activity groups again. The children all began by taking part in different team challenges. It was great to watch their teamwork skills grow as the session went on. They were definitely much more successful by the end; learning how to plan and communicate far more effectively, and enjoying great success as a result. After this, half of the class tried their hand at archery, whilst the others worked their way through the obstacle course, getting muddy for the second time today!

After this, we had dinner, with the choice of chicken and leek pie, quorn pasty or lamb mousaka. Group 7 were complimented by being told they were, ‘the best duty group ever!’ Well done team!

This evening, we took part in a photo orienteering activity. This involved the children being given an obscure photograph of an object/location that they had to find in order to answer a question. They were rewarded for doing so well with a trip to the tuck shop, and hot chocolates before bed.

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